Woodland regeneration and tree planting

A third of our land is woodland, all of which is part of a 25 year regeneration scheme with additional measures forming part of our ongoing environmental stewardship programme. But our ambition doesn't end there.

During late 2019 we connected with a local tree planting charity and offered them the opportunity to replant a further few acres with a mixture of native tree species. Unfortunately the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 called an early halt to the planting work but all was not lost. All through the subsequent 12 months we nurtured the young whips in our garden, keeping them going until during lambing in 2021 the group returned with a new cohort of volunteers and contractors. Not only did they finish planting all the whips that had survived, they also brought and planted hundreds more - adding about 750 trees to the woodland over the course of a few days.

On top of this we have planted two small copses in Well Meadow. One of a mixture of native species and the other largely willow to help dry out a slightly wet area. All this planting takes the total number of trees planted on the farm since our arrival past 1500.

If the test copses work out, and survive the attentions of the sheep using them as rubbing posts, we aim to add more in our other fields in the coming years.

The next target is 2000 new trees!

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