Anglo-Nubian Goats

Helen had always wanted to have some goats so with our knowledge growing it was time to set about achieving this goal. Initially pygmy goats were on the cards but the more we found out, the less convinced she was. Cute-looking little things they may be, but apparently full of attitude and constantly trying to escape. We were looking for something altogether more chilled out and friendly, and Anglo-Nubians seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Just before lambing we picked up a nanny and wether kid from a herd in Cheshire and they settled in with us, in a pen in the tractor shed until they had got to know us and overcome the disruption of being weaned. Basil and Sorrel are now living their best life out in the field with the converted horse box to shelter in whenever they need.

An unexpected opportunity

We had originally planned to get a trio of goats, but unfortunately one of the wethers had died. Then, on the day we collected our pair, came a discovery that there was another nanny kid just born in another litter - she was reserved and collection planned for June.

In the weeks leading up to this we discovered that the breeder was looking to downsize for health reasons and we thought about bringing the nanny kid's mother back too. To cut a long story short, after some further conversations we agreed to take the whole herd!

So far another five kids and six adult nanny goats have joined us here on the farm, with the two mature billy goats to collect later in summer. We quickly built a new, larger field shelter - all from recycled materials - and have worked out plans for future goat paddocks and winter accommodation. 2023 will be our first kidding and we plan to start milking some of the nannies from then, so there will be much more to learn beforehand!

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