As the following Spring began thoughts turned to that year's pigs. We always planned to try a number of different breeds and scouring the breed society websites, Facebook pages and livestock for sale forums we found a breeder that had Berkshire weaners available at the right time. So on a sunny April morning we drove down to Derbyshire and picked Gooseberry, Hazel and Iris out from a pen of noisy, active piglets and brought them back to the farm.

They didn't waste much time getting out of the trailer and exploring their new home.

The meat they produced was amazing. So much so that our butcher, who has won several awards, said he would be interested in buying some to sell in his shop if we scaled up in future. To be asked this by such a high quality local business, prepared to put our produce on sale, felt like an amazing achievement and has spurred us on for the future.

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