In keeping with our plan to try a number of native breeds 2020 brought three Oxford Sandy and Black gilts. These are the first lop eared pig we've kept but the rumours that they are more docile because of this seem to be a myth - they have been just as boisterous as any of our previous pigs!

Following our alphabetical order for names they were called Jasmine, Kale and Lavender and quickly set about amusing passers by with their antics, particularly with their ears flapping about like Dumbo while they charge around the paddock in excitement.

Breakfast time


The refinements we have been making with each group to the feeding plan we follow have really started to pay off. The level of fat coverage felt pretty good as we approached the departure day and when we received the meat back from the butcher there were again requests for more to sell. Asking for feedback to improve the end product further we were simply told "you're doing it right". This is the sort of response that really means a lot to us - just straight to the point and honest.

To our amazement the pork virtually sold out within days and the sausages almost flew out of the freezer, especially the Cumberland flavour. With such a brilliant result and a couple of local farms starting to breed OSBs we might stick with them next year if there are some available at around the right time.

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