Depending on the time of year we will have various produce available for sale. To find out more please drop us an email to

Home grown meat

We are fully registered as a food business with a 5-star rating. This gives us the opportunity to sell a proportion of the meat we raise to help support the costs of rearing the animals and to share the wonderful flavours of properly raised stock. You simply cannot buy pork or hogget with provenance to match ours in the supermarkets. Our pigs are outdoor-reared with continuous access to half an acre of ground to root up and wallow in throughout their time with us. Our sheep are not fed concentrates to push their growth and mature for over four times as long as commercial lamb.

Whilst our prices are more than you would pay in the supermarket they reflect the costs inherent in providing these high welfare standards and longer production times. Unless purchasing as we collect from the butcher all meat is supplied frozen and must be transferred directly to your freezer. Meat can be collected from the farm by appointment or, if we pass your way, we may be able to drop it off.

Pasture-fed Hebridean hogget and mutton

Hogget comes from sheep between one and two years old and perhaps has the best balance of flavour and tenderness. Our Hebrideans are raised on pasture and given around 16 months to mature during which time they develop the "deliciously fine flavour" they are renowned for.

The dark, succulent and distinctly sweet meat has a subtle gamey flavour that has incorporated the aromas of our semi-species rich upland hay meadow and diverse hedgerows. It has also been found to be lower in free cholesterol and higher in healthy poly-unsaturated omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

We are approved members of the Authentic Hebridean Hogget scheme run by the Hebridean Sheep Society.

Occasionally we also have mutton for sale. Mutton, from over two year old sheep, is renowned for its depth of flavour and is rapidly gaining favour amongst a number of top chefs.

We sell direct, for collection from the farm, as half/whole hogget boxes or occasionally individual cuts may be available.

Update: 2021 hogget is now sold out. If you would like to add your name to the waiting list for next year's half hogget boxes, please drop us an email.

Free-range, outdoor-reared, rare breed British Saddleback pork and sausages

A range of pork and sausages from our 2021 pigs will soon be available. To add your name to the waiting list for when this is available please drop us an email.

Customer feedback

Here's a selection of what our customers have told us ...

"The pork is great, we had one of the shoulder joints last night – wonderful flavour & good crackling! We have had old spot pork in the past and the Tamworth is every bit as good. Next time there is some pork, please let us know."

"Wowsers. That pork is delicious. Moist, tender, flavoursome."

"The crackling was phenomenal."

"The best pork steaks I've ever had. They were delicious."

"So much flavour in this pork, it makes each mouthful a pleasure."

"You hear that pork like this is meant to be great. I was a bit 'yeah but we'll have a try'. However it really is. It was the best pork I have ever tasted and not just by a little bit. It was head and shoulders above anything else."

"Can I just say we loved them, very fresh and just how eggs should be"

"Out of this world tasty ... mmm."

"The leg of lamb was absolutely gorgeous, succulent and tasty."

"We had our lamb shoulder cooked in the slow cooker on Wednesday and it was absolutely gorgeous. The meat just fell off the bone. Last night was lamb chops, delicious. Just loving your produce, it's soo good thank you."

Farm-fresh, hand-collected eggs

Hen and duck eggs are available by the half-dozen from the farmhouse depending on season.

Pedigree Hebridean sheep

We have pedigree stock available for sale at certain times of the year. Ewe lambs, gimmers and tups can potentially be supplied either as individuals or as a starter flock for new keepers.

Customers must have a valid CPH number, APHA flock number and appropriate means of transport.

Hatching eggs

We can now offer a selection of hatching eggs from our poultry. This includes Shetland ducks and four breeds of chicken: French Cuckoo Maran, Buff Sussex, Cream Crested Legbar and Marsh Daisy.

Raw Hebridean fleece

We have a number of whole Hebridean fleeces available for spinners or crafters.

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