Lambing gets bigger

For our second year we brought the ewes into the lambing shed about a week before we expected the first to deliver. Just as in the previous year they started a couple of days early and our sponging had worked very well.

Within 5 days ten of the ewes had lambed, leaving just the two with uncertain dates and one other shearling to go. As time wore on it became clear that the shearling must have been caught on her second cycle. All three lambed about two weeks after the rest meaning that they all fell within the three weeks we manage to get away from work.

The 13 ewes had 18 lambs (8 tups and 10 ewes) between them and with no losses that gave us a lambing percentage of 138%, which is a very reasonable outcome for this breed and our conditions.

Hildegard with her tup lamb Beeblebrox

Hadron with one of her twin ewe lambs

Imala with her tup lamb Bedivere

Sleeping in the lambing shed!

It's a hard time of year but full of rewards

Lamb cuddles are the best!

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